601 Faux Handguard Tips

Here's how I made my faux 601 handguards, or at least how I remember it.
I did this about a year ago so I might be a bit rusty on the details, but I'm pretty sure it is
all correct.
Luckily I still have some of the brown paint.
I replaced these faux 601 handguards with original 601 handguards and was pretty
happy with how close to the originals they looked. The faux 601 handguards actually
matched my original 601 buttstock and pistol grip better than my original 601

3M 722 red sandable primer
Rust-oleum Leather Brown 7775
KurtVF 601 Green (contact Kurt through the AR15.com Retro Forum)

'Fine' 220 grit sandpaper
#2 steel wool
0000 steel wool

I used a set of well used no-hole handguards I got from Moore Militaria.
Even with brand new handguard you'll need to follow the same sanding steps

1) Tape heat shield with 3M Scotch-Blue Painter's Tape. Make sure you leave
the inside plastic exposed.

2) Sand smooth with 220 grit sandpaper.

3) spray red primer.

4) sand with #2 steel wool.

5) spray second coat of red primer.

6) sand smooth with 0000 steel wool.

7) spray with Rust-oleum Leather Brown 7775.

8) sand it smooth with 0000 steel wool.

9) spray a second coat of Rust-oleum Leather Brown 7775.

10) Tape inside plastic with 3M Scotch-Blue Painter's Tape

11) Using an airbrush spray KurtVF 601 paint using recommended thinning
suggestions from Kurt.

11b) I suggest you finish them once they're dry by sanding smooth with 0000 steel wool.
I didn't do this step for two reasons. I was worried I was going to have to spray a
second coat but my compressor died on me. Also I thought one coat would be easier to
scratch up. I wanted my handguards to match my original 601 buttstock and pistol grip

12) Once they're dry, throw them in your trunk or gunsafe without any
protection and they'll "weather" for you. Any deep scratches in the green
paint should be a combination of brown, dark red and black. The brown
paint will show through the holes of the handguard like original 601 handguards.
After a few weeks the paint will harden and the paint won't scratch as easily.

Faux 601 handguards with original 601 buttstock and pistolgrip:

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