Nathaniel's Games

These are some games I've made in my free time. So far I've only used GBStudio (which I recommend to no end, it's very cool and you should check it out), but in the future I plan to learn a bit about the Python pygame library so I can make games that have more functionallity than a GameBoy Color.

For the GameBoy Color games, I've provided a way for you to play in the browser as well as a GameBoy Color .GB ROM download. I suggest using the New Tab Full-Screen option for playing in browser, especially if you are playing on a phone or something equally small.

Why am I making games and putting them on my site?

I make games for fun.

I see making games as a way to unify my affinity for art and my love of technology.

Making them also gives me a way to allow those who aren't very tech savvy a chance to benefit from, or at least admire, some of the things I make.
Putting them on my site makes my site a little bit cooler and makes them even more available to others.

Plus, I'm making video games people can actually play and I personally think that is pretty neat.

Another factor that pushed me to put my games on this site, is that it potentially provides people a reason to frequent my site.
I'm not entirely certain why I want more web-traffic, but for some reason I do.