Impossible Demo

Impossible is a game I am stilll working on, and I've beem adding in new features when I am bored or have a bit of free time. I've done very little so far, but I gathered together a few different things together to make a demo, just so people could see what I've been doing. I see making games as a way to unify my affinity for art and my love of technology.
It's also a way for me to give those who aren't very tech savvy a chance to benefit from the things I make, plus I'm making a game and I personally think that's pretty neat.

Perhaps it is also a better reason for people to frequent my site.


If you need to jump press B.
If you need to attack press A.


Start = 'ENTER'
A = 'Alt' or 'Z'
B = 'X'
Up = 'Up Arrow'
Down = 'Down Arrow'
Left = 'Left Arrow'
Right = 'Right Arrow'


The controls should appear on the screen and should be easy to use.