Nitrous Install

Below are details on the Nitrous install.

The Kit I used was the Stage 1 Sport Compact from Nitrous Express.
This kit comes with Jets for 35, 50 and 75 horsepower "shots."
The instructions are pretty simple to follow, but I thought I'd offer up some
"Corolla Specific" tips.


Mount your bottle with the valve pointing forward and route your nitrous
line down to the edge of the trunk that is covered by the plyboard cover.
There is a plug in front that can be removed and with just a little filing of
the hole the fitting will fit through it. Make sure you put silicone on the
hole to prevent water from entering through the hole.


If you don't have power mirrors, replace the cheap red toggle switch that comes
with the kit for Radio Shack switch #275-693 and mount it in the blank plate
next to the gauge cluster light dimmer switch. Most people will think it is a
factory switch.

Fuel Tap
Remove the fuel line that runs from the fuel filter to the fuel rail using a
17mm open end wrench.
Cut this fuel line in the middle and install the supplied fuel T.

Behind the splash guard in the front left fenderwell there is a factory "grommet"
that you can use to run the wire through to the switch. The "grommet" is behind
the fuse box. Disconnect the battery first, then using a 10mm socket you can
remove the one bolt that holds the fuse box in place. By moving the fuse box
slightly you should be able to reach the wire and run it to the switch.

Shark Nozzle & Solenoid Placement

Wide Open Throttle Switch

Fully closed throttle.

Wide open throttle from side.

Wide open throttle from above.

0-60 Performance
Without Nitrous: 9.5 seconds.
After (35 hp jets): 7.2 seconds
After (50 hp jets): 6.05 seconds
After (75 hp jets): 5.8 seconds -Hopefully the short shifter will help this.
Weather data on the day I ran the above tests.
I'm sure I could do better, but I didn't have enough time to try more than
one 0-60 run on each jet. I had to return the G-Tech right away.

Other Modifications:
I've removed the intake that is before the air filter
Replaced air filter with a K&N
Fresh Tune-up (plugs, wires, rotor, cap, fuel filter)
205-40-ZR16 Kumho Tires on 16" Enkei RSF-2 Wheels
For the above test the hood, passenger seat, and
spare were removed to reduce weight.

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