Nathaniel Pullig's Resume

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Pictures & Videos of Projects I've Made

This is a video of me demonstrating my knowledge of FANUC Vision Systems with the delta robotic arm.
I made this project while still in class and I took the video on 11/26/2019.

This is a picture of one of my FANUC teach image tests where I have the vision system selecting several arrows.
This is a picture of the Teach Image next to the camera view which has identified all the the different arrows.
Thanks to my skills and fine-tuning, it runs beautifully as seen above!
This was taken on the same day as the video above.

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My Instagram page has documented a few of my many projects, some are for school, but others were things I did on my own out of curiousity. I put anything on there that I belive would help potential employers (or anyone) better understand just how passionate I am about technology and robotics. I try to ensure that each posts highlights a desireable skill that I have developed, so the page as a whole can serve as a small portfolio to show what value I can bring to the table.

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