What is APRS?
KD5CFM (Richmond/Rosenberg IGATE, Digipeater, WX)
Richmond/Rosenberg IGATE/Digipeater information
See what APRS stations have been heard lately in the Richmond Texas Area

Alinco DR-130 144.390           Uniden BC350A 145.800 (ARISS)          Pyramid PS-14KX Regulated Power Supply

Cushcraft ARX2B 145.800 (ARISS)            Custom made black J-Pole 144.390

UI-View 32bit 2.03

AGW Packet Engine Ver 2002,308

Sun Microsystems SunPCi II Intel Celeron 733MHz 1GB RAM -Complete PC on a PCI card.
Windows 2000, 500GB Fibre Channel SAN

Sun Microsystems Netra 1125 -2x300MHz UltraSPARC II, 2GB, Solaris 9, 500GB SAN

TNC is used for 144.390.

Bux Comm Rascal GLX is used for 145.800 (ARISS).


TinyTrak III

Yaesu FT-1500 2-meter Transceiver

Deluo™ GPS
12v Adapter for Serial GPS
GPS Cable Pinout

KD5CFM-1 (Portable Digipeater & IGATE)

Bux Comm Rascal GLX

Yaesu FT-817

Dell C600 laptop -512MB, 20GB, Windows 2000.

UI-View 32bit 2.03    AGW Packet Engine Ver 2002,308

Sony Ericsson GC79
-Unlimited T-Mobile Internet access on the T-Mobile USA nationwide network

TinyTrak III and Axiom GPS built into Sun StorEdge A1000 battery case.

Kenwood TM-G707A