Brittney Gray

Brittney was diagnosed with MS when she was 26 years old. She has been in a wheel chair since March 2003. She had a pump installed last November to help with spasticity in her legs and arms. Even though she is in constant pain, she has not given up nor lost her faith.

She and her husband Rodney, have two great kids. Amber turns 7 in March. Reese is 5. I was lucky to be their Sunday school teacher for a while, and I know they make their mother smile!

The Pedal Partners Program is one of the most important links between MS 150 cyclists and people living with multiple sclerosis. As a cyclist, it is my opportunity to ride for a person with MS. A bright orange bandana, with Brittney's name, will accompany me throughout the Tour. For many cyclists, the Pedal Partners Program creates extra motivation to reach the Finish Line.