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Server Addresses

Minecraft Server Addresses & Information
Server Name Version Address Modded? Activity Status Player Reporting?
Regular Server 1.19.3 pullig.dyndns.org No Active Unfortunatly Yes.
Infinite Server 20w14infinite pullig.dyndns.org:25567 No Inactive but log4j patched. Nope! Let's hope Microsoft doesn't change this anytime soon.
PixelMon Server Must Check pullig.dyndns.org:25568 Yes Infrequent, but available upon request. Down. Pending log4j disabling. Nope.
SCP Server Must Check pullig.dyndns.org:25566 Yes Infrequent, but available upon request. Down. Pending log4j disabling. Nope.

How To Get On The Whitelist And Join

Our servers do in fact have whitelists. So if you wish to join, your username must be on the list. If I asked you to join the server chances are I've already asked you for your username and you are probably on there already (or you will be when I get home). If you are someone who just happened to find this page online or if I haven't otherwise added you to the whitelist you can e-mail me at:


I suggest, so that your message is easier for me to find, that you don't change the subject line as I am doing this all myself as I doubt I'll have enough requests to warrant scripting approval. If you want to you can tell me a little bit about yourself below the username "field". You can also ask me any questions you might have, tell me how you found the site, or just write limmericks.
Telling me a little about yourself is not compulsory, though if you are someone who I don't know who has just stumbled onto the site it could certainly help your case .
If I do know you personally or if you are a friend of a friend, I suggest you leave your real name so I know it's actually you!

If you are wondering why there are whitelists in the first place there is a paragraph below addressing the reason.

Server Information

These servers are all Java servers.
The PixelMon and SCP Servers are usually only active when I want to play on them as no one else has shown any interest in them. If you want to actually try the mods in a multiplayer setting, just let me know.
If a few people want a server dedicated to a specific idea or mod, just let me know and I'll try to make it happen.

In Regards To The New Whitelists

Thanks to the server logging bot behind "Operation Copenheimer" I have decided to enable the whitelist on the two Vanilla Servers. While I am not entirely opposed to griefing, I have people already on my server who would not be very happy were they to log on and find their creations destroyed. Another reason I have made this decision is because these thugs are not entirely brainless, some of them seem to know technology better than I do at the present time. While I believe that the servers are quite secure, the malcontents of the world are insatiable and relentless, so much so that modern digital security no longer asks the question of whether something will be hacked, but when it will occur and what can be done to minimize the damage. I like my digital security and I believe the most efficient and dignified way to keep the server (and the rest of the network) safe, is to turn on the whitelist.
As I understand it, the bot is continuously scanning open ports accros the internet and if it gets the response a Minecraft Server usually issues to server clients, it will record it to the "Operation Copenheimer" database. The bot has allegedly recorded at least 50,000 servers, so chances are that the Pullig servers have already been logged by "Operation Copenheimer", in fact most Minecraft servers probably have been, but by enabling the whitelist I have minimized the potential for immediate danger to the Pullig Servers back to basically zero.
My main fear is not that the server will be griefed and the landscape torn to shreds, I seriously doubt that these trouble makers would take the time to grief such a low traffic server when there are countless others to destroy. What compelled me to tighten access is the possibility that someone more unscrulpulous, and more competent, will purchase the information from "Operation Copenheimer" and use it for more nefarious uses. As I've said before: I like my digital security and one must confront the realities of modern day. I believe that the more access is available, the more vulnerability is present and ripe for exploitation. It is entirely possible that, in some way or another, allowing someone to log on to the Minecraft Server could potentially give them the little bit of access they need to infiltrate the greater Pullig network.

This is an admittedly paranoid mindset, but one filled with the truth of what is possible.
So why not shut down every port and disallow any and all external connections?
Why have a Minecraft Server that is available to external clients at all?

My answer to these questions is this:
It does not pay to be overly paranoid and overestimate others; while you will lose nothing, neither will you gain anything. Some risks are worth it, and not all of the worthy risks have profound returns upon investment.
In short I have found that the unlikelihood of the worst case scenario is so great that I am able to overcome my fear of it becasue I just want to rule over my friends as an all-powerful admin and pit them against my insane machinations! run a Minecraft Server.

You can learn more about the "Operation Copenheimer" bot and its creators in this video and learn how the bot enabled the group behind its creation to hunt down Minecraft Chief Creative Officer Jens Bergensten in this video.

Minecraft Server Discord Server

Click here to join the Discord Server dedicated to my Minecraft Servers.

QR Code for the Discord Server dedicated to the Minecraft Servers. If you cannot see it, the link is https://discord.gg/QPx9DQM.

The "Non-Rules" & How To Non-Break Them

There are no formal rules.
-Do whatever you want for the most part, try to keep it polite (unless you are actually trying to wage war on someone else).
-Use your own discretion and be reasonable.

On the other side of that coin, I have full license to do whatever I want on my server.
-If you are doing something that makes me want to kick or ban you for it, I will.
-If you are doing a little trolling, that's okay, keep it up.
-If you are trying to access my command blocks, you better believe you are getting banned.
-If you are using exploits to duplicate items, that's cool with me.

Just don't get on my nerves and all will be well.

Resource Packs Used On Servers

These aren't necessary, but there are a few cool things that you can do with these. Really the only server that I use any of them on is the Regular Server. Some of them will say that they are out of date, but they still work. Literally, the only thing that makes it say that is the fact that I haven't updated the version number in the pack.mcmeta which means nothing since these are just external resources, so no need to redo any filepaths. If I find the time I might change it, but there is no real reason to do so. They all work perfectly.
Click on the images to download.


If you have questions or have anything to say, contact me at minecraft@pullig.com and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.