Hurricane Ike (2008)Pictures

Lessons Learned -Comming Soon

I plan on commenting on lessons we learned bugging in during Hurricane Ike.
I just noticed I haven't put any Lesson Learned in here yet.
I'll add something soon. -3-10-09

We're still working on our house and the neighborhood.
Also I've been called into work. :(

Ted's House
I helped cover this roof with tarps.
The whole backside of the roof was missing.
I didn't get a picture of that side.

My generator and transfer switch were lifesavers.

Sorry my wife took the picture while I was driving and it is a bit too close.
But you can see the metal structure.

We went to Target about 1:30PM today.(9-15-08)
They were running off generator and didn't have many lights on.
No perishable foods available.
Cash only.
After we had got a few small items (Diet Coke and the last 6-pack of Shiner Bock) their generator broke.
Everyone had to take what they had to the front as fast as possible.
The cash registers were on UPS power, but no one knew how long they would run.
They closed and didn't expect to open again tomorrow.


Ahhh, Diet Coke.
That was the reason we went!

My kids were having fun!

Bread Isle:

What a waste of ice cream!