Header Install

Below are details on the Header install on my 1995 Corolla.

Why install headers for just a few HP? See below why I decided
to dump the stock exhaust manifold.

Ouch! The crack runs through the whole manifold.
I was told by the parts guy at the dealership that Corolla's
have a well known problem of cracking their manifolds. He
said he sells normally 1 manifold each month. He thought the
header was a great idea and helped with problem #2 below.

HP Motorsports Header sure looks nice. Cost $187 from www.nopi.com

First Problem -Gasket

What no gasket? The next day I had to spend $35 at the Toyota dealership

Second Problem -Oxygen Sensor
The second problem was the oxygen sensor. The stock oxygen sensor was
attached to the downpipe with two bolts, but the header had a threaded
hole for an oxygen sensor. This required another visit to the dealership,
and $127. :-( Apparently the header is made for the California Corolla
so if you live elsewhere, you will need a different oxygen sensor.
Toyota Part Number: 89465-32110. You may need to cut the wiring
harness connector off of your old oxygen sensor and solder it onto the
new one. I also lengthened my wires at the same time.

Installed Header