Bruce's Anti-Tracker Project

I'll update this site as the project continues.
Last update: 5/1/2003

The Plan

Ultimate plan is to build a cheap simple VHF
receiver and Anti-Tracker into a compact case.
It seems to me that carrying a radio, handheld GPS,
and Anti-Tracker around is a bit much, but a very
small receiver/anti-tracker case and a handheld GPS
would be much easier to manage.
There are no kits or pre-assembled Anti-Trackers yet, so
if I wanted one I had to build it myself from scratch.

What is an Anti-Tracker

Anti-Tracker is basically the reverse of a TinyTrak.
APRS packets are received from a radio, and NMEA data is
sent to a handheld GPS unit. This way you can track multiple
locations graphically. Uses include marathons, bike races,
fleets, search and rescue, weather spotting/tracking, surveillance .
For more information about Anti-Tracker, see:
RadioActive Networks and KC2ELO's Website.

My version of the Anti-Tracker PCB.

My PCB design is based upon KC2ELO's design, but
rearranged to better fit into a case. It is built
on a 3.80" x 2.5" PCB board because of ExpressPCB's
awesome MiniBoard deal. This helps reduce prototype
costs. I've ordered three prototype boards and will soon
begin testing.

If you're interested in helping with this project,
or buying any extra PCBs at my cost, E-Mail me.

I designed my PCB using ExpressPCB software.

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